(Referred to in, and made part of the Parties’ Lease Agreement)

  1. No signs, notices, or advertisements shall be attached to or displayed by the Tenant on or about said premises.
  2. Profane, obscene, loud, or boisterous language, or unseemly behavior and conduct, is absolutely prohibited, and Tenant obligates himself, and those under him, not to do or permit to be done anything that will annoy, harass, embarrass, or inconvenience any of the other tenants or occupants in the subject or adjoining premises. NO OPEN CONTAINERS of alcoholic beverages in common areas or outside the unit will be tolerated.
  3. No motor vehicle shall be kept upon the property that is unlicensed, inoperable, or in damaged condition. Damaged condition includes, but is not limited to, flat tires. Any such vehicle that remains on the property for more than ten (10) days after notice to remove same has been placed on subject, vehicle shall be towed by a wrecker and stored with a wrecker service at the tenant’s and/or the vehicle owner’s expense.
  4. In keeping with Fire Safety Standards, all motorized vehicles including motorcycles must be parked outside. No motorized vehicles shall be parked in any building structure on the property except authorized garage spaces.
  5. In accordance with Fire Safety Standards and other safety regulations, no Tenant shall maintain, or allow to be maintained, any auxiliary heating unit, air-conditioning units, or air filtering units without prior inspection and written approval of Landlord.
  6. The sound of musical instruments, radios, televisions, phonographs, and singing shall at all times be limited in volume to a point that is not objectionable to other tenants or occupants in the subject or adjoining premises.
  7. Tenant shall not alter, replace, or add locks or bolts or install any other attachments, such as door knockers, upon any door, except where prior written approval has been given by the Landlord.
  8. No defacement of the interior or exterior of the buildings or the surrounding ground will be tolerated.
  9. If furnished by Landlord, garbage disposals shall only be used in accordance with the disposal guidelines. Any damage to the apparatus, and the cost of clearing plumbing resulting from misuse, shall be the sole responsibility of, and will be borne by, Tenant.
  10. All refuse shall be, in a timely manner, removed from the premises and placed outside in receptacles.
  11. In single family units where Tenant is responsible for lawn care, grass shall be kept mowed in a neat fashion, all beds will be kept clear of weeds, and all shrubs will be kept neatly trimmed.
  12. It is specifically understood that Landlord reserves solely to itself the right to alter, amend, modify, and add rules to this Lease.
  13. It is understood and agreed that Landlord shall not be responsible for items stored in storage areas.
  14. Landlord has the right to immediately remove combustible material from the premises or any storage area.
  15. Landlord will furnish one (1) key for each outside door of the premises. All keys must be left in a kitchen drawer of the subject property upon termination of the occupancy.
  16. Lavatories, sinks, toilets, and all water and plumbing apparatuses shall be used only for the purposes for which they were constructed. Sweepings, rubbish, rags, sanitary products, ashes, or other foreign substances shall not be thrown therein. Any damage to such apparatuses, and the cost of clearing plumbing resulting from misuse, shall be the sole responsibility, and will be borne by, Tenant.